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A bright, talented, ambitious, and self-motivated SEO Web Designer with a strong technical background in computer programming who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Able to play a key role throughout a sites development to ensure maximum accessibility, customer service, and reliability. A team player & SEO Web Designer who thrives on creating engaging creative solutions, is deadline oriented, and has the ability to produce detailed technical specifications based upon client requirements. Offering 5 star SEO services, consistent 1st page Google ranking, and professional clean websites is what you can expect from this SEO Web Designer.

Currently looking for an opportunity to join a dynamic, ambitious, growing company and forge a career as a first class website developer/designer and SEO Web Designer. Highly experienced in e-commerce, online marketing, creating custom website templates, SEO servicing, custom websites, and able to create databases for online business. Willing to work with client to help create their ideal design via flow charts to ensure the front end design reflects upon their business image. A professional Affordable Web Developer Los Angeles, SEO Web Designer and affordable web developer Orange County creating modern and responsive designs for Web and Mobile. Able to create multi-language websites which are business oriented, artist websites, custom PHP websites with custom databases, and everything you can expect from a professional SEO Website Designer. Lets work together.

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My Work Experience

Real Estate Website Services – Yurz Inc. - Beverly Hills CA

Web Specialist June 2016

Designed, programmed, tested, and maintained various national real estate websites. Communicated with account managers to enhance the clients websites as according to the clients specifications. Also created, tested, and maintained the clients real estate Facebook business pages with real estate blog content. Connected pages to a universal review site called “Birdeye” to enhance the clients reputation. Websites back-end coded in PHP, front-end in JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5/Bootstrap (WordPress when requested by client).

SEO Websites USA - National USA

Web Designer & Back-End Programmer June 2008

Worked on custom websites for various companies, start ups, bands, record labels, and independent musicians within the Los Angeles area as well as national. Websites coded in PHP/JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5 and WordPress.

Web Developer – Angle Marketing Group Inc. - Sherman Oaks CA

Senior Web Developer November 2016

Created new WordPress website templates, enhanced SEO behind the companies WordPress websites, helped increase the speed of all company websites to surpass their competition.

College of the Canyons – College Assistant Programmer - Santa Clarita CA

C Programming Robotics Programmer September 2016

Assisted students in their inventions by helping them program their robot projects in C programming, helped students with computer programming.

Web Development - MMR Productions USA

Web Developer June 2004

Created websites for individual musicians and business owners with active e-commerce storefronts. Launched an online custom T-Shirt storefront and live event ticket website. www.mmrproductionsusa.com

My Portfolio

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My Profile

Name William Matthew C.

Birthday January 3, 1986

Address (available upon request)

Phone 626.890.0202

Email SEOwebsitesUSA@gmail.com

Website http://www.seowebsitesusa.com


HTML5 www.valkyrium.com

WordPress www.pizzagirl.com

WordPress www.tocdevelopmentlosangeles.com

WordPress www.brentwood-construction.com

WordPress www.backingtrackexpress.com

WordPress www.primetermite.com

WordPress www.robert-conger.com

WordPress www.towing-encino.info

WordPress www.mmrproductionsusa.com

WordPress www.calabasas-construction.com

WordPress www.towing-malibu-services.net

WordPress www.mrrehabhomes.com

Adobe www.williamtheprogrammer.x10host.com/gmd177

Some Skills

Working in a fast paced, dynamic environment and being responsible for determining all necessary coding requirements for a sites creation including forms, e-commerce capability and specialized scripts.


-Ongoing design and maintenance of websites

-Liaising closely with a customer or client at the design stage.

-Designing landing pages.

-SEO of websites both organically and using Google Adwords.

-Interacting with designers, other programmers, and clients.

-Creating content that converts visitors to purchasers.

-Enhancing the look, functionality, and appearance of a website.

-Fixing problems encountered in the functioning of the website.

-Designing websites that are easy and effective to use.

-Designing web campaigns for online initiatives, editorials, emails, and banners.

-Building affiliate white-labels, websites, promotional banners, and creative material.

-Testing websites for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions.

Skills include the following (but not limited to):

-WordPress-based Websites (design + customization)
-HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/PHP - based Websites (BootStrap3)
-Content Writing
-Email Marketing
-Graphic Media Design (Adobe Photoshop)
-Social Media Advertising
-SEO (search engine optimization)
-Social Media Management
-Database Creation, Migration & Management
-Listings on various websites (yelp, whitepages, i.e.)

Bootstrap 100%

HTML5 100%

Wordpress 100%

JavaScript 95%

PHP 95%

C & C++ 100%

Social Media 100%

SEO 100%

This is me

Web Specialist


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